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Dear Lawmaker,

As a small business owner or self-employed individual, I was at first frustrated by the government shutdown and the ongoing debt ceiling debate. But it’s become downright frightening. One politician after another claims they’d rather continue with a government shutdown instead of working together to find a compromise that turns the government’s lights back on. What’s more, there’s talk of not raising the debt ceiling so the U.S. can pay its bills. What these politicians clearly don’t realize is that a government shut down doesn’t just impact government employees, but many small businesses as well. The shutdown diminishes my customers’ confidence and creates a huge amount of uncertainty, which wreaks havoc on my bottom line. Not only that, but this is all happening in the 4th quarter—the most important time of the year for countless entrepreneurs. Slackening sales now has serious consequences on my profits for the rest of the fiscal year.

I’m not the only person who feels this way. A recent national poll from Small Business Majority found that by a 3:2 margin, the majority of entrepreneurs want a long-term solution to the recurring debt ceiling issue so the U.S. can pay its bills without this issue coming up for one political vote after another. A 55% majority agrees this short-term  shutdown tactic allows politicians to hold the economy hostage to their spending priorities and threatens the nation’s credit rating. A long-term solution will give myself and other small business owners the certainty we need to make long-term decisions regarding our businesses. Additionally, a majority of small business owners said the most important job of Congress and the president is to focus on creating more jobs rather than reducing the deficit.

Many of the politicians who are playing politics with the debt ceiling and the national budget are the same ones who claim to support small businesses. Well, small businesses make up the backbone of our country, and this type of political gamesmanship does not help us. It hurts us.

Please stand with small businesses and use your vote to end this government shut down and raise the debt ceiling so our country can pay its debts. Continuously debating this issue will damage small businesses and our recovering economy. Let’s work together for an economic future that promotes certainty, consumer confidence and vitality for all small businesses.


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